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The Clear Connection crystal set provides such peaceful and purifying energies that are helpful in guiding us to open up and transform the way we interpret our experiences and grow in our connection with receiving Divine guidance. The stones Fluorite, Leopardskin Jasper, Yellow Tourmaline, and Angelite work together harmoniously to aid in clearing your auric field of energetic derbris, and it also help you to be more receptive to your intuition and the Divine messages and wisdom coming from Source/God/The Creator. Make time to spend in nature with the crystals in hand, and allow yourself to feel the energies clear away any blockages that may be stagnating your flow. Each set has a bit of Selenite included to help keep aid in keeping the others crystals energetically clear and purified, as Selenite is the "mother stone," known to help purify and rejuviate all surrounding energies, peace, crystals and spaces etc.

Clear Connection crystal set

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