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Behold the eclectic beauty of our "Dat Juice" set- a mesmerizing collection of six distinct bracelets designed to elevate your wrist and your aura.


Indulge in the Rainbow Reina Gold Slider Bracelet, a chic, versatile piece that emanates vibrant hues, along witrh the timeless elegance of the Queen of Pearls Bracelet, adorned with lustrous pearls radiating grace and sophistication.


Find balance and harmony with the Magical Moonkanite Jasper & Rhodanite Bracelet, boasting captivating gemstones known for their emotional equilibrium.


This set also includes the Forest and Cream Handmade Tila Bead Stretch Bracelets, blending earthy tones with intricate Miyuki craftsmanship. Lastly, we had to add the Power of the Rainbow Bracelet with its dazzling colors. 


'Dat Juice' blends style with some metaphysical magic, inviting you to express your unique essence with every distinctive piece.

"Dat Juice" Bracelet Set

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