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The Gotta Find Peace of Mind crystal set is calming and soothing to an overactive mind in need of a bit of stillness and inner quiet. The stones Blue Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Selenite, Blue Lace Agate, and Chrysoprase work together harmoniously to aid in clearing any mental confusion, anxiety and frustration, as it helps to retore your mental state to that of ease, acceptance, patience and receptivity. By placing these stones near you or holding them in your hands, the energies of these crystals give a lovely reminder of the serenity, security and peaceful flow that is available to us when we trust in Source/God/Creator to provide guidance and direction in our lives. If we can quiet and calm our minds for even just a moment, we are holding mental space to allow for solutions and remedies to present themselves. 

Each set has a bit of Selenite included to help keep aid in keeping the others crystals energetically clear and purified, as Selenite is the "mother stone," known to help purify and rejuviate all surrounding energies, peace, crystals and spaces etc.

Gotta Find Peace of Mind crystal set

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