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This neck piece was made to pay honor to the strength, determination, craftsmanship, and protective nature of the warrior father archetype, Ogun. Traditionally Ogun's colours are green, red, and black which dance beautifully together throughout this piece. 


This necklace is comprised of malachite, a bit of snowflake obsidian, beautifully painted beads from Ghana and a wild bore tusk wire wrapped by Costa Rican local named Pablo.


Pablo is a jeweler, craftsman and drummer who currently resides in the province of Limon. He enjoys creating adornments from the special, natural gems that he come in across along his journey. Pablo explains that the wild bore is an incredibly strong and resilent animal. 


This piece is an ideal choice for those seeking a striking adornment that showcases their innate masculine power and presence.

Ogun Guardian Necklace

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