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Introducing the extraordinary Costa Rican Celestial Crown, this  breathtaking masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted by the talented artisan, Pablo, based in the souther coast of Costa Rica.


This exquisite crown is a fusion of timeless elegance, artisanal skill, and the enchanting beauty of moonstone and sunstone. Moonstone, with its ethereal blue and white hues, symbolize the power of intuition and serenity. Sunstone, with its warm and fiery tones, embodies vitality and positivity. Both stones are carefully selected for their quality and beauty, and set within a delicate brass wire frame that adds a touch of rustic charm.


Wearing this Crown isn't just an accessory choice; it's a way to connect with the celestial forces that inspire and guide us. It symbolizes the harmonious dance of the sun and moon, bringing their radiant energy into your life.



Sun & Moonstone Empress Crown

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