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Lucid Genes is an original/intuitive design created to amplify your magnetic energy field. With precision and intention, “Lucid” creates every piece to assist you in your physical and Metaphysical journey. Using the element of copper. He hand crafts each piece from the bare mineral, into a, “Spiral Masterpiece,”  following the sequence so called, “Fibonacci sequence.” (which is the swirl sequence found within every cell structure in this universe)!

Copper has been known to assist in healing low blood circulation, arthritis, carpal tunnel, joint damage, and many more ailments.


Combing the electric energy of each crystal, being conducted through the copper wire, you will constantly be radiating abundant energy while wearing ANY Lucid Genes Metaphysical Jewelry.


Ring, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and much more to be released is here with Lucid Genes!

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