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Be a Divine Feminine Force

unique handcrafted jewelry, one-of-a-kind thrifted fashions & more

Our collections are picked and designed to aid you in expressing your eccentric, personal style, incorporate spiritually attuning elements into your daily wear, and to ultimately feel more confident, empowered, and expressive of your unique, magical essence.

New Arrivals


In the midst of a transformative shift, we're witnessing the emergence of Divine Feminine Energy, a collective awakening shaping our world. People are embracing their unique paths, adorning their lives with empowerment, and rediscovering self-care rituals for growth and harmony. This is the rise of the Empress Energy.

The Empress Collection pays homage to this profound movement, inspired by the Empress archetype's embodiment of Divine Feminine greatness. Featuring handcrafted jewelry from global artisans and repurposed fashion items of the highest quality, our marketplace aims to offer unique goods that empower communities to express their royal selves.

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Empress Essence 

Bountiful Expressions

Kenyan Kollectibles

royal sols

CRYSTAL & COpper Medicine

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